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Ashley Systems

Services: Design & Development

Year: 2022

Retro-futuristic web experience for NYC-based audio production company Ashley Systems. In addition to custom 3D product visuals, the site features an interactive key visual with spatial audio effects.

On Signals is a design and development studio creating beautiful interactive things for screens and beyond.

As creative partner for brands, insti­tutions and communities, we help you find the digital format and the visual language that communicates your vision with confidence and empathy.

Our expertise spans from digital strategy to developing bespoke online experiences like websites, e-commerce solutions, and publishing platforms.

Korg Berlin

Services: Design & Development

Year: 2024

Bespoke microsite for Korg Berlin. Besides a custom checkout flow for merch and upcoming products, the site features a playful team section, a spatial field recording explorer and lots of micro-interactions.


Services: Design & Development

Year: 2023

Digital exhibition platform for an international residency program for writers and translators. A hybrid 2D/3D interface allows users to explore the work of the participating artists as well as the events taking place in the space. The sections of the platform are closely linked to the iconic architectural features of the venue.

On the backend side, a flexible content management system enables the editorial team to place text, image, video and 3D content in the virtual space.

WB Lookbook

Services: Design & Development

Year: 2023

Lookbook and catalog for an outdoor brand. Dynamic image sliders present each product branch with a unique movement that mimics the athletes’ momentum. The full catalog with advanced filtering, different view modes, and product suggestions makes the site a power tool for product managers and retail partners. In collaboration with Fabian Maier-Bode.

12th Berlin Biennale Website

Services: Design & Development

Year: 2022

Website for the 12th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art. A dynamic homepage functions as a realtime guide, while a second, more serious layer offers in-depth background on the invited artists, the curatorial concept, and the event program. In collaboration with Fabian Maier-Bode

12th Berlin Biennale Identity

Services: Visual Identity

Year: 2022

The Berlin Biennale is Berlin’s biggest and most prestigious contemporary art event. For its twelfth edition, we were honoured to design its visual identity. At its heart is a series of bold and ever-changing shapes that challenge the visual knowledge of the audience. By creating its own language, the design succeeded in amplifying the curatorial concept and set the tone for the Biennale’s public communication. In collaboration with Fabian Maier-Bode

Colors Studios

Services: Creative Development

Year: 2020

Creative Development of the COLORSxSTUDIOS web platform. Unique interactive layouts, a custom video player and a bespoke e-commerce frontend create A 360 degree brand experience. Design: Studio Gruhl

Anorak Film

Services: Creative Development

Year: 2019

Website development for film production company Anorak Film. Showing 800+ videos on your website? No problem! The site features a custom player and playlist experience, as well as high performance video teasers throughout all sections. Design: Workout Services

Icon Magazine

Services: Design & Development

Year: 2020

Micro-publishing platform for fashion and lifestyle magazine Icon. A dynamic feed enables a wide spectrum of vibes—from serious to playful. For long-form stories we developed a powerful editorial system based on the magazine’s print design.

Studio Amos Fricke

Services: Design & Development

Year: 2020

Portfolio website for photographer Amos Fricke. The minimal and considerate visual style of the site gives maximum focus to Amos’ work. Lots of subtle micro interactions create an app-like experience.



Year: 2015–2022

Some older collaborations we are still in love with.


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Whole Festival

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